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Cushing’s syndrome is a common disease in dogs; especially in middle aged and older dogs. Vetoryl for dogs is commonly prescribed for the same. ...

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Spring is most welcome after a long winter spell. However, resuming outdoor activity comes with its pitfalls, and often makes pet sick....

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Looking for genuine medicines for treating Cushing’s syndrome in your dog? Try vetoryl for dogs, the only licensed treatment for pituitary-dependent and adren...

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Thanks to the noise associated with online pharmacies, a whole lot of pet parents continue buying from the vet’s clinic despite the availability of cheap pet ...

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NSAID’s (Non-steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) for dogs are capable of combating inflammation and pain caused due to surgery and arthritis. ...

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NSAID’s are the safest way to handle arthritis in dogs. However, among the many NSAID’s available in the market under different banner names, metacam seems ...

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Don’t let your dog suffer from allergies. And don’t let him suffer more with side effects of steroids. Cure him with atopica for dogs. Contact them to order...

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EPI is a common disease seen in dogs. Thanks to advancements in veterinary medicine, it can be cured with medicines like Pancreplus for dogs, which is also ......

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