You love your yoga class. The relaxation, the time to regenerate your thoughts, your body, your spirit but How can you remove those odors from your yoga clothes...

Get 15% Discount on all OdorXit Products Use Code: DISCOUNT15 These pictures show a piece of carpet removed from a house the really didn't smell too bad until...

The carpet was completely ruined and discarded and some of the parquet was removed revealing severe contamination on the concrete and under the walls. Pet Odor ...

The pictures below are of a pine tongue and grove floor board removed from a house where the cats had used the area for a considerable length of time to relieve...

Get 15% Discount on all OdorXit Products Use Code: DISCOUNT15 The letters in the pictures always refer to the same area of the room to help you orient what yo...

Get 15% Discount on All Products Code: DISCOUNT15 The urine odor level in the room was acceptable to the owner except when the contaminated areas were sniffed...

A 6000 sq.ft. house was bought the previous winter with no detectable pet odor, spring brought a massive odor problem and considerable consternation. Natural Od...

After 2 treatments with OdorXit, the urine odor in the room was noticeable but overwhelming until the base boards were removed. Best Urine Odor Removal Produc...

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